In action at KH3-NSSF 7 Hill hash April 2016

In action at KH3-NSSF 7 Hill hash April 2016

Have you been at an event and could not hear what was being said because the speaker’s voice kept breaking? We know why. It’s because either the cordless microphone signal was weak or the equipment was failing due to a power surge. Either way, these two examples are, unfortunately, common problems with many mobile DJs and Public Address System providers in Uganda: poor quality equipment and inadequate preparation.

At D&J Audio, we profess and deliver quality because we believe that quality is the only solid foundation for our business. Our commitment to quality endears us to our clients. That is our simple business model.

So here is our promise to you:

  • We shall give you a quality service and no less. We always use professional grade, top quality equipment.
  • We listen ,discuss and plan your service needs in advance. If you leave it to us, we take it as a challenge to impress.
  • We travel anywhere in the country and will always be at least 3 hours in time.
  • Our sound is crisp clear from start to finish. And no, we don’t believe in ear damaging volume. We keep it low and make it enjoyable because we only play the right music for the right moment.

This is our promise . Our definition of value for your money